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Kenshin. Rules and Code of Conduct


Rules and COC

- Always be on Voice Comms and Discord when playing EVE.
- Be registered and active on Corp and Alliance forums.
- Participate in Corp / Alliance ops. Most importantly Red Pen's and CTA's
- If you do not log in for over 60 days you will be kicked. You are welcome to rejoin when you become active again.
- If you are going away for an extended period, please notify a director.
- Use appropriate language. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
- No shooting blues.
- Contact the CEO or a Director if you have a dispute.
- Treat this like a recreational sporting team, if you behave poorly and make the team look bad, you will lose your position.
- Be in the area of operations and get involved with working with teammates.
- Be friendly and help fellow team mates.
- Be welcoming to new members.
- Dont steal from corp or members.
- Don't be disruptive or talk off topic during fleets.
- Follow orders of the FC's and ranking officers.
- No smack talk in local, just say "GF" or "good fight" regardless if we win or lose.
- Conduct yourselves in a professional manner.
- Fly the correct ships in fleets, as requested. If the fitting is not exactly as asked, no SRP will be paid.
- We are a pvp corp, this means we all need to minimise losses and maximise kills.
- Use Commonsense, even though it is not that common.
- No shit-posting on news and/or smack talking trash websites.
- No talking to other parties (including alliance) on behalf of the team.
- Aim to get on 10 kills per month at least. This is the bare minimum, you should be getting a lot more.
- Do not send any corp mails! Post it on the forum and/or discord please.
- Treat each other with respect.
- During alliance fleets, do not speak unless spoken to by the FC.
- No begging or asking for isk loans from other corp members.
- When selling items on the market in our home regions, the price must not exceed Jita +25%.
- Discrimination of Race, Culture, Religion, Sex, or Sexual Identity will not be tolerated.
- We discourage discussions on Religion and Politics.
- NO SOUND BOARD USE during any fleet. EVER.

We are all part of a team together. How an individual acts, reflects on how all of us are seen by outsiders.


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