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Mallynx Halfman:
Corp Roles and Titles

CEOs are the core of leadership within Kenshin.

Vlade Randal (AU TZ) [Lead FC]

Directors often have something that they specialize in, but most of them are functionally stand in CEOs.

Dom Watts (US TZ) [IT Support]
Dexius Peperion (AU TZ) [Corp Sales and Logistics]
Zadalar Kafshaz (EU TZ)
devil127 (AU TZ) [Lead Recruitment and Member Auditing and FC]
Dafarr Maul (AU TZ) [BuyBack Program Manager, Recruitment and FC]
banglord (AU TZ)

Officers are the moderation and maintenance of Kenshin. and are tasked with carrying out the will of Kenshin.'s CEO and leadership team.

Jalneeses Athonille (AU TZ) [Skill Plan Manager and FC]
Glock1 (US TZ) [FC] 
B1ack Sky (US TZ) [FC]
Exonaut (AU TZ) [Recruitment]
Muu Fraga (US TZ) [Recruitment]
Beans Headio (EU TZ) [Recruitment]
Eligostez (AU TZ) [FC]
JB Hitmarker (US TZ) [Recruitment and FC]
Beyond Survival (US TZ) [FC]

Vlade Randal:
Chain of Command: Please respect the chain of command within the corp and within the alliance and coalition. Listen to the directors and officers, they work to serve my intentions for the team. If there is something you are having difficulties with and you cannot get it resolved by a director, please private message me directly. I am not some supreme leader that is not approachable. I'm just your team member, blessed with the opportunity to lead this great group of people.


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