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Kenshin. Corp BuyBack Program


Vlade Randal:
Hey everyone,

Moving forward we are going to be implementing a corp buy back program (BBP).
We will be buying everything from ore, to t2 weapons, pretty much anything you can get your hands on (Including faction loot)

Almost everything will be at a discounted rate (Jita buy-20%)
This will be calculated using:

The isk generated will be a great help to the corp and will allow us fund more Kenshin. oriented operations, such as a corp SRP, Handouts, acqusition of new tools, as well as fund corp ops and events.

This will also allow us to run our own ops, and doctrines not listed within the alliance.

Simply contract your loot to the Xena Dexterious at 4-HWWF - WinterCo. Central Station or YXIB-I - Kenshin. HQ, with a value of 0, and she will accept it, plug in the numbers and pay out as soon as she is available.

Please make Item Exchange Contracts with an Expiration of 4 weeks.


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